Case study: BikeBug - Sydney NSW

Australian bicycle retailer partners with esLabels to implement an electronic shelf label solution in their Sydney store.

Reasons for implementation:

  • The business offers globally competitive prices. This requires a nimble pricing strategy in order to frequently adjust and match competitor pricing.

  • To free staff from price ticket changes. Allowing their expert team more time to advise customers.

  • Reduce operational costs.

“esLabels provided advice and consultation from the word go. They set up the system to meet our specific business requirements, managing the ERP integration, bespoke template design, and assistance with installation in-store.”


International case study: liquor retailer 1919.

The digital shelf label technology behind esLabels has been installed across 1919's network of liquor stores (733 in total across China).

The decision to implement an electronic pricing system was based on:

  • Head office controlled operations

  • Omni-channel model - synchronising online and offline prices

  • Ability to expend quickly whilst ensuring brand consistency

  • Increased efficiency for staff to find products to fulfil online orders

  • Ability to have QR codes on each product, providing more information to customers, such as ratings and reviews.


  • 1919 can complete the fulfilment of online order in 19 minutes.

  • Complete consistency of pricing, product information and promotional activity, across online, and the 733 stores, throughout 31 different Chinese provinces.

  • 1919 has become China’s biggest omni-channel liquor brand and the 3rd biggest liquor platform after Tmall and Jingdong.


International case study: “Lenovo Smart Life” store

“Lenovo Smart Life” in Beijing is the first store in Lenovo’s new retail IT revolution. The futuristic store utilises modern technologies to create an interactive environment, where customers can explore Lenovo’s range of ‘smart’ products. They are encouraged to scan QR codes to gain further information on the product, and share their experiences on their social networks.

“The electronic price tag is a major feature of Lenovo's ‘smart’ stores.” Liu Jun, Executive Vice president and president of Lenovo Group.

Why were electronic shelf labels so vital to the ‘smart’ store strategy?

  • Synchronised online and offline pricing and promotions – something that was fundamental to the ‘smart’ store model.

  • Product price and member discount price is displayed on each product, this is directly connected to the marketing database.


Causley Fresh are a gourmet food retailer based on North Coast of New South Wales Australia. 

Causley Fresh stock over 300 gourmet products across deli and fresh fruit and vegetables. They also offer customers online ordering of their product range. 

Causely Fresh came to esLabels with an issue that most retailers experience - high frequency of price changes coupled with the time consuming and inconsistencies of traditional handwritten or printed signs.


Australian hotelier Railway Hotel in Melbourne has recently on-boarded a new state of the art electronic shelf labels system with esLabels. Running a 24-hour business with over 2000 products, for the Railway Hotel it was imperative to have a pricing system that allowed a smooth and straightforward pricing updates.

esLabels worked with the Railway Hotel to implement an ePaper and LCD electronic shelf label solution.