A complete retail solution

Our clever electronic pricing system not only manages pricing updates, but our interactive ESLs tie into a range of other retail solutions, that further streamline operations, and create a better customer experience.

“As such, Electronic Shelf Labels shouldn't only be considered a price management tool, they are a key step towards digitalising the entire retail experience.”



QR codes for discounts
Activate store coupons and even personalised discounts via QR codes on the labels.

QR codes for other information
QR codes can also drive customers online to access product specifications, reviews, comparisons etc - all tools that reduce 'showrooming' and help convert the sale in store.

Customer buying behaviour analysis
Customer buying behaviour data can be collected, by using a mobile app and ESL marketing solution.



Online / offline information synchronisation
Pricing, promotions, product descriptions, internal codes, expire dates, restock dates, stock counts in warehouses and each store - all information relating to every product can be synced between online and offline systems (both POS & shelf edge) using our ESL system.

Automatic update on stock status
Using a PDA, stock management functions, such as replenishment, receiving, RTV-physical counting, picking & delivery management, can be accessed.



Route guidance
The system provides the best route for staff to find their target item, speeding up operations such as online order picking.

Picking indicator
The LED indicator on labels highlights the target item on the shelf to be picked and packed.


price management

Real-time price updates
Price and product information are updated on the labels remotely, at the touch of a button.

Price synchronisation
Online and offline prices (and other product information) are automatically synchronised.


planogram management

Better shelf management
Better execution in shelf management and easier evaluation of working processes. Visualised planogram in the system.

Paperless operation
Improved working efficiency and lower operational costs.