Electronic shelf labels & E-Pricing

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) are digital product labels or tags that display pricing and product information in real time, otherwise known as e-pricing.

Electronic Shelf Labels allow retailers to develop an omnichannel shopping experience for customers.

Labels come in different shapes and sizes, designed for hanging above product displays, for shelving or for providing detailed information on larger screens.

Who uses electronic shelf labels?

Internationally retailers are rapidly implementing digital e-pricing solutions.

The most common adopters are Food, Liquor, Pharmaceutical, DYI/Garden and Electronics retailers, but any store that changes product prices on a daily or weekly basis will profit from their numerous benefits.

Electronic Shelf Labels in action

HeMa Supermarket in China showcases how the use of electronic shelf labels can transform the consumers retail shopping experience. 

Cost & time efficient

As a digital e-pricing solution electronic shelf labels eliminate the need for manual in-store price updates. 



Ensure that your display pricing is always up-to-date and in sync with your POS system.


Flexible pricing

Updating pricing in real-time means that advanced pricing strategies can be employed.


Shopper EXperience

QR codes, way-finding, more information at the shelf, better customer service and more!