smart Price management

SHOP-WEB is our smart Electronic Price Management software platform. The system manages stores, commodities, prices, inventory and other information in real-time.

Additionally, the system can synchronise all information to stores, anywhere in the world.

The system is built on an industry-leading modular design platform, it features a user-friendly interface and a logical work flow.

Customers do not need to transform their existing ERP system, esLabels can quickly create an integration to SHOP-WEB for any ERP or POS system.

System overview

1) Store management

Add, modify, view, enable and disable stores in the system, to match your retail network.

2) User management

View, modify and delete users; assign stores and give permissions to users.

3) Commodity management

Users can view, add, modify, and delete commodities in the system; and bind or unbind price labels according to the commodity number (SKU).

4) Label management

The system supports importing data or deleting data, binding or unbinding labels with commodities, and refreshing label screens.

5) Data statistics

View data update records and historical price changes of commodities and electronic labels.

6) Early-warning Monitor

The system constantly monitors Access Points and Integration data. Alerts can be sent to your operations team in the unlikely event of a failure.

7) Internationalisation

A default language can be set, this can be changed through the interface.

Download our Digital Pricing Solutions Brochure for more technical information on our labels and digital pricing systems.