Q: What are Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs)
A: ESLs are basically a digital replication of a paper pricing ticket, but with much more functionality. Sometimes called Digital Shelf Tags, they use epaper technology (like a kindle) to display product details, pricing, promotions and discounts, QR codes, ratings and more.

Q: What is the advantage of a digital pricing system?
A: The main advantage is that prices and product information are updated at the touch of a button, removing this arduous task from staff on the shop floor. However, there are many other cost saving and operational benefits click here for more information.

Q: How is information sent to each label?
A: The information is transmitted through a proprietary Radio Frequency (RF) signal.

Q: How is this different to using Infrared (IR)?
A: Infrared requires line of sight in order to transmit information. Think about the functionality of a TV remote, it will not work with any obstacles in the way, and you must be at a reasonably close distance, with a direct line of sight. Radio frequency (RF) has much longer wavelengths, meaning that it does not require line of sight to transmit successfully; it transmits around obstacles and to a greater distance. This means the infrastructure for RF technology is minimal, with small stores only requiring a single box to be installed in the ceiling, compared to the network of wiring required for IR.

Q: Is the transmission secure?
A: Yes, a proprietary signal and protocol is used to ensure that the system is secure and efficient.

Q: How can I ensure that the labels have been correctly updated?
A: Our system works on two-way communication. The reporting interface shows whether a label has been successfully updated, in the unlikely event a label update fails you'll be made aware so that it can be addressed. An automated email can also be set up notifying relevant parties if a transmission has failed.

Q: How are digital shelf labels powered?
A: The labels run on battery power so no wiring is required at the shelf edge.

Q: How long is the battery life of a label?
A: Up to 5 years per label, based on 4 updates per day.

Q: Do esLabels electronic shelf labels work in fridges?
A: Yes, our standard labels work in 0-30C temperatures. They can therefore be used in fridges and food warming solutions such as bain-maries (under 30C).

Q: Do your digital labels work in freezers?
A: We have a label version specifically designed for freezers.

Q: Can the labels be used in wet areas?
A: Our waterproof casing protects labels for use in wet areas, even to the level of submerging them in water tanks (for live seafood for example).

Q: Will the solution integrate with our existing systems?
A: esLabels can integrate with any POS or ERP system, there are no restrictions with our digital pricing technology. Integration with existing systems and workflows is extremely important in order to make the solution as efficient and easy to use as possible. Each set up is managed independently to ensure that the integration is tailored to your exact needs.

Q: What's involved in the installation of an esLabels electronic pricing solution?
A: Only minimal infrastructure is required, hardware installation involves just a few steps:

  • Installing the AP unit/s into the ceiling, they are connected via POI.

  • Installing the railings, hook or other label attachments

  • Binding the labels and product

Q: Can I customise the screens to our requirements?
A: Definitely, as part of our standard service we will develop a range of completely customised screen templates (for example standard pricing, promo pricing, multibuy) to meet your specific pricing, promotion and branding requirements.

Q: What colours are the digital labels available in?
A: The label screens can display black, white or red. Any of these colours can be used as the font, image or background colour on part or all of the label. The technology has recently expanded to black, white and yellow label screens as well.

Q: Can I automate a recurring price change?
A: Yes, for example if you wanted fresh bread to decrease by 30% at 4pm each day, this could be set up to run automatically, meaning even less manual intervention is required.

Q: Is there a warranty?
A: Yes, all products come with a one year warranty as standard.